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Ancient Egyptian self actualization


Ajani DVD Cover
 The YogaSkills™ Kemetic Yoga Master Collection
The YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga Master Collection offers you the entire set of our two instructional DVDs and one instructional Meditation CD in one package for a $15.00 savings.  Now you can have several hours of Yoga practice and meditation using the state of the art YogaSkills Method™ of Kemetic Yoga™.  Never experience stress while creating yourself anew with the YogaSkills Master Collection.  Contains Breath, Flow and Internal Power DVD, The YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga Classic DVD and Journey to Amenta Meditation CD.
Price: $49.99



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The YogaSkills Method™ and Kemetic Yoga: Breath, Flow and Internal Power
The second section of the DVD covers Kemetic Yoga, the system that was developed in ancient Egypt. This DVD contains update-to-date Kemetic Yoga postures which emphasizes the movement of energy and life-force through the body for healing and balance.
Price: $24.95



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The YogaSkills Method: Kemetic Yoga Classic Edition DVD
This 3 part DVD is the first and most comprehensive instruction DVD produced by Master Yirser Ra Hotep. The DVD is an exploration of Levels I, II & III of Kemetic Yoga
Price: $19.95


Journey to Amenta Instructional Guided Meditation CD

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Journey to Amenta teaches you to truly meditate by incorporating techniques that stimulate internal changes to brain chemistry, brain waves and internal life-force flow throughout the body in order to improve your ability to relax, concentrate, heal and transform the way you navigate the challenges of life. Meditation has been shown to normalize blood pressure, reduce stress and to help individuals to break out of self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaving. Amenta is the ancient Egyptian concept of a state of mind characterized by peace, harmony and blissful existence.
Price: $14.95


Journey to Amenta Music for Meditation CD
This 1 hour long meditation musical journey is based upon the concept of sound therapy or using certain sounds and tones to relax and energize the nervous system and the body’s energy system. You can use this CD during meditation, Yoga practice or to simply relax your body and mind.
Price: $9.95